What is a business center?

Multiple solutions for a company

A business center offers a range of solutions for companies, from a classic domiciliation service to a turnkey solution for the launch of a company.

We can therefore distinguish two types of services for companies:

1 – Company domiciliation.

This solution is ideal for entrepreneurs who work from home and who want a prestigious address for their registered office. If you do not want to communicate your personal address to your customers and suppliers, domiciliation is a good option.

2 – Turnkey office rental

Business centers offer flexible office rental solutions. You will have access to modern and furnished facilities to develop your business in a professional and quiet environment. Rental contracts are flexible and can be adapted to your needs: by the hour, day, month or year. You will also have the opportunity to exchange during a coffee break or an event with other tenants. It's a great way to develop new collaborations or to clear your mind.

Renting office space in a business center is the ideal turnkey solution for any start-up business.

Access to a range of services

The business center offers another considerable advantage. Unlike empty office rentals, it offers a wide range of ancillary equipment and services to facilitate the day-to-day life of the entrepreneur.

Thus, the user has access to meeting rooms, various equipment (printers, video projector, etc.) and quality furniture. It also offers ancillary services included or not in the rent (cleaning lady, secretarial services, correspondence management, advice, etc.).

These services make it possible to avoid the fixed costs associated with hiring and also to have access to competitive prices.

The ideal audience for the business center

With less than 10 employees, this simple and effective solution can attract a good number of entrepreneurs.

However, it especially appeals to new entrepreneurs looking to optimize their resources.

Consultants are also very fond of this solution. It allows them to have quick access to an office or a meeting room to receive their client.

Teams working on a specific project particularly appreciate the possibility of being able to rent an office or hold weekly meetings.

Finally, companies opening a branch office with a small team will prefer a business center located in the heart of the city to renting empty offices.


The business center located in the heart of the city of Andorra la Vella offers a wide range of solutions and is adapted to Andorran legislation.

Company domicile
Private office rental
Additional services

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Company domicile
Private office rental
Additional services