Company Formation in Andorra

Establish your company in Andorra with ease

Why set up a company in Andorra?

In addition to the numerous advantages of moving and living in Andorra, the Principality also offers a favorable legal and fiscal framework for companies wishing to set up in Andorra. The proximity of the Principality to France and Spain gives it an advantage to penetrate both markets. That is why the people living there are fluent in three languages: Catalan (the official language) and the languages of the neighboring countries and co-princes, Spanish and French. This multicultural country also offers advantageous taxation with a maximum corporate tax rate of 10%, no tax on dividends and a VAT rate of 4.5%. Establishing your administrative center in Andorra also offers your employees an exceptional quality of life and very advantageous labor costs. In short, Andorra is the ideal place to establish your European headquarters.

Some important facts:

  • Investments 100% open to foreign capital
  • The maximum corporate income tax (IS) rate is 10%
  • Possibility to reduce the corporate tax rate to 2% for certain international activities
  • Lowest VAT rate in Europe (4.5%)
  • Employer's contributions are 15.5%
  • Competitive labor costs


Reservation of the company name
Authorization of foreign investment
Pre-opening of the company's bank account
Creation and registration of the company in the Andorran Commercial Registry
Opening of the company's trade


You must first contact a professional consultancy with experience in the creation of companies in Andorra to arrange a first meeting. They will study your needs and send you a personalized quotation.

Once the quotation is confirmed, you will receive a list of the documents you need to provide to start the process.

The process of establishing a company in Andorra may seem longer and more complex than in other jurisdictions. Therefore, both the cost and the time required may vary from case to case depending on the shareholders, the structure of the company and its activity. Your consultant will study your file before giving you a realistic price according to your needs and your case.

How much does it cost to set up a company?

The cost of setting up a company cannot be defined in advance for the above reasons. Your advisor will study your file before giving you a realistic price according to your needs and your case.

Service providers offering this type of service have prices that can range from single to triple. Ideally, you should look for one that puts at your service all the competent departments (legal, fiscal, administrative) for a successful creation.